Medication therapy management

Innova Rx is a unique Medication Therapy Management (MTM) entity. Its' goal is to help families with elderly parents deal with medication issues, while creating personal tools to assist them in becoming more active participants in their healthcare.

Medication therapy management with a personal touch

The ultimate goal of Innova Rx is to help elderly patients manage their medications through the use of services delivered at a personal level. Innovative services including in-home visits, presence during physician/emergency room visits and coordination with local pharmacies to synchronize refills will be applied to reach these goals.

Success will be achieved through personal in-home visits, collaboration with primary providers at office visits, partnering with family/emergency room staff to arrange initial aftercare physician appointments, and refill coordination with patients primary pharmacies.

We provide MTM services to seniors and others seeking to prolong their independence, better maintain their health and conserve personal resources. Our services provide direction and support to optimize the benefits of medication therapy.

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