Most businesses want you to purchase their products (WHAT) through manipulation using deep price discounts, or touting their items as having the latest and greatest ‘bells and whistles.’ There is little done to sustain your loyalty to their brand. At InnovaRx we desire to inspire your loyalty by explaining WHY we are offering you our services, HOW we will provide our services and ultimately WHAT you will receive in return for your trust in our abilities Contact Us


  • Promote and achieve positive health outcomes in the Fresno community with regard to patient medication therapy.
  • Have a population where patients are more active participants in their medication therapy decisions.
  • Lessen family anxiety surrounding medication issues for their parents.
  • Increase collaboration between patients, primary care providers, pharmacists and other health professionals in dealing with medication therapy problems.
  • Prevent adverse drug reactions and diminish unnecessary drug related ED visits/ hospitalizations.
  • Bridge the gap between ED visits and the initial primary care provider appointments after ED discharge.
  • Increase patient medication and disease state knowledge in Fresno through education programs.


  • Visit patients homes to evaluate, discover and resolve medication related issues.
  • Collaborate with primary care providers during office visits to manage medication related problems.
  • Consistent contact with patients to check progress on medication problems that impact compliance.
  • Perform and create solutions that will lead to positive health outcomes.
  • Provide targeted medication reviews as appropriate.
  • Be present in the ED and ensure that these providers have an up to date patient medication list.
  • Contact primary care providers to schedule initial follow up appointments after ED discharge.
  • Coordinate with a primary pharmacy to make sure new prescriptions are picked up in a timely manner, and synchronize refills to build compliance.


  • 1:1 appointments with a medication management Pharmacist.
  • Perform a Comprhensive Medication Review (CMR) of all prescription, OTC and supplement medications, targeted medication reviews as appropriate.
  • Create a Personal Medication List for the patient to bring to all primary care provider appoointments and discussions with other health professionals.
  • Create a Medication Action Plan (MAP) to monitor progress on any medication related problems.
  • Lower health care costs by decreaseing ED visits/hospitalizations.
  • Create solutions that will improve the way you take medications more consistently and lead to more positive health outcomes.
  • Ensure the medications you take are the most benefiical for you. 

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