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What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

Medication Therapy Management is a constellation of health care services provided by pharmacists.

These services include:
– A complete review of all your medications, both prescription and OTC
– Identification of any concerns and issues with your medications or conditions
– Collaboration with you and your other health care providers to provide solutions to these problems.
– Provision of education with regard to your medications, conditions and disease management

Do I Need an MTM Service?
Patients/families will benefit from MTM if they:

– See multiple health care providers or receive medications from more than one pharmacy

– Have frequent and multiple changes in their medications

– Have questions or problems with their medications

– Have multiple medical conditions

– Have barriers to taking their medications as prescribed

– Want to reduce their out-of-pocket medication costs
Why Should I Participate in MTM?

Participation with MTM will:
– Give you the opportunity to have a personal relationship with a clinical pharmacist 1:1
– Ensure that the medications you are taking are the most appropriate for you
– Encourage active participation in the self-management of your medication therapy and medical conditions
– Lead to fewer emergency room visits/hospitalizations
– Lead to less medication related problems
– Create a better understanding of how to take your medications
– Lead to better management of your health conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

What Unique Services Will the Innova Rx Pharmacist Provide?
– An in-home visit to perform a Comprehensive Medication Review(CMR)

– Creation of a Personalized Medication Record (PMR): An updated list of all the medications you are taking

– Creation of a Medication Action Plan (MAP): A list of recommendations to assist you in managing your medications and conditions

– Follow-up visits to monitor progress toward MAP goals, and adjustments in medications schedules

– Attendance at physician visits to monitor medication therapy and clarify for the patient/family any changes that take place

– Presence during emergency room visits to provide current medication lists for ER physicians, and assist in coordinating follow-up doctor appointments after discharge

– Consistent communication with patients/families about all aspects of medication treatment

– Coordinate refills schedules with the patient pharmacy

– Availability of the pharmacist to answer any patient specific drug related questions

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