Medication Related Problems

Medication related problems are unexpected events when taking medications. A simple example is what is commonly called an adverse drug reaction. These issues are broken down into 4 basic problem categories: INDICATION, SAFETY, EFFICACY and ADHERENCE. Contact Us

When performing comprehensive medication reviews (CMR), developing personal medication lists (PML) and creating medication action plans (MAP) for our patients, InnovaRx is working to discover problems in these four areas.

We work with the patients, families and providers to resolve these problems. We want patients to gain the maximum benefit from their drug regimens that result in positive health care outcomes.

Below is a description of these categories and some simple examples.


  • Duplicate Therapy: Patient is taking multiple medications to treat the same condition.


  • Dose Too High: Is the medication dose appropriate for the patient’s age, sex, condition, organ function and genetic profile.
  • Overdosage: Is the patient taking too much of the medication.
  • High Risk Medication: Does the medication pose specific risks of adverse drug reactions.


  • Dose Too Low: Is the dose not adequate to manage the patient’s condition/ symptms.
  • Improper Drug Selection: Is there a more effective drug available to treat the patient’s condition/symptoms.


  • Failure to Receive Therapy: ls the patient taking /refilling their medication consistently.
  • Overutilization: Is the patient using room much of a medication.
  • Administration Issues: Is the medication being given correctly.
  • Cost: Does the medication cost too much for the patient.

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