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As I get older, I have been prescribed some medications, and I have begun using a lot of supplements. My doctor suggested some of the supplements, while a number of them were items I began to use through friendly recommendations, on line searches and discoveries I found in my pharmacy without any advice.

A friend of mine who is a nurse and consultant had some concerns, and connected me with Neal Howard, Pharm. D., who helps patients with medication management via InnovaRx. Dr. Howard was VERY helpful in making it clear for me which supplements I could continue to take, and those that could be discontinued. I am SO appreciative of the time and information Dr. Howard shared with me with regard to this issue.

If you need help understanding OTC’s and supplements, or have any other issues with your medications, I would recommend Dr. Howard for his excellent work and patient centered approach in resolving my medication related problems.

Gail N

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